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7 Key Baby Milestones to Capture and Celebrate 

7 Key Baby Milestones to Capture and Celebrate 

Jun 12, 2022

Nicola Ellis

Every "first" milestone is as exciting as the last when you have a new bundle of joy. It's almost bittersweet. It's such an incredible experience to watch your baby learn, explore, and grow as each day passes. The first year feels like a never-ending cycle of milestones. Some are key developmental, while others simply bring pure joy.

Whether it's baby's first haircut, baby's first solid food, or baby's first giggle, these milestones should be captured to share and cherish throughout your child's life. However, you decide to capture these key milestones, here are 7 of our favourites to celebrate.  


  1. Their First Smile 

    Nothing makes your heart melt faster than that sweet wide toothless grin as they look up at you. One of those key milestones can tell you that your baby's eyesight and muscle movements are starting to coordinate, and they are starting to understand positive emotions.

  2. That First Laugh – Speaking of emotions, just as fun as their first smile, getting them to laugh for their first time will allow you to enjoy the most adorable little giggle. It's a sign your baby is starting to get control of their vocal cords and enjoy it while you can.

  3. The First Time They Say Ma-Ma and Da-Da – Honestly, even the baby babbles are such a joy to listen to, but when they say Ma-Ma or Da-Da for the first time, it's probably the most extraordinary milestone to celebrate. They're finally recognizing not only language, but they recognize their parents.

  4. When They Start Understanding Senses – When you sit down for playtime, tummy time, or any quality time you spend with your baby, how much do you just stare and watch them take in their surroundings? Or watch them respond or turn their head when you call their name or make noises with a rattle? Their little eyes and ears are starting to make connections.

  5. The First Time They Crawl – It starts off as a little army crawl, and then they're off, and it's time to put up the baby gates and child locks. You're almost ready for them to start walking, but you cherish the slow, easy-to-catch baby crawls for now.

  6. Their First Time Clapping Their Hands – When babies learn how to clap to show how much they enjoy something, you'll be looking for anything to entertain them just to see them clap with joy.

  7. The First Time They Play Peekaboo with You 

    It's almost like a natural instinct to use your hands to hide your face and say peekaboo. In just a moment, you return and watch your baby's face light and laugh. For months you try, and they may just give you blank stares, but when they join in, it's a great sign they've learned about object permanence and moved on from that stage of out of sight, out of mind. It's also a lot of fun and entertainment.


    These are just a handful of milestones to capture as your baby grows and develops within their first year. Throughout their entire life, you will be celebrating those special moments as they move through grade school and beyond. Use these adorable Baby Milestone Cards to keep track of every significant moment and keep them in your baby's scrapbook to look back on over the years. Just remember every baby moves at their own pace and enjoy every moment as it comes.